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Thousands of Americans will be injured in car crash accidents this year. Many of these victims will need medical attention. Other car crash victims will experience financial hardships as they wait for insurance companies to reimburse lost wages and mounting medical expenses.

Some car crash injuries will be permanent, debilitating injuries. The average car crash victim trying to settle a claim is overmatched by the highly trained insurance adjuster and will receive much less than attorney assisted recoveries for car accident injuries.

Whether you are a pedestrian, a passenger, or a car operator, our Athens accident attorneys can help you get adequate compensation for your personal injuries. Our experienced attorneys know the complexities of insurance laws and will obtain for you every available benefit that the insurance policy provides. Our lawyers are familiar with all aspects of bodily injury claims and know how to prepare your case to maximize your financial recovery.

Athens Personal Injury Attorneys

We will promptly investigate and determine the amount of insurance of the person who caused the accident. Our lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of auto accidents and personal injury claims and recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

If you or someone you love has been injured, contact our law firm for a free, immediate case evaluation. We can be reached at (762) 204-3663 or you can complete the free case evaluation form on this website.

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The Athens personal injury attorneys in our firm have a well-earned reputation for providing aggressive and high-quality legal services, and we know Georgia injury laws. If you are a victim of an accident or personal injury, please complete the form on this webpage or call our office at (762) 204-3663 for a free case evaluation.